Hello everyone.

Welcome to the secret part of my life, the part that I hide from my personal and public life.

I recently moved my old blog posts over from Yahoo 360 and Alt.com because of character limitations and general ickyness from both places.

Anyway, back to me and the things you probably want to know or “FAQ’s” that I get a lot.

Who are you?

In the real world I am a corporate attorney working for a handful of clients.  My role in the real world requires me to be confident, powerful, and at times, intimidating.

What do you look like?

As of this day, my measurements are 34-32-36 with a b cup and i’m still 5’11” and my weight varies between 115 lbs and 120 lbs depending on the time of the year (118 lbs today.) Hair is either golden blonde or dirty blonde depending on the season, but mid back length. Eyes are blue.

Are you with anyone?

I’m still single. My exes are hit in miss.  Either they are nice guys in person and terrible in bed, or terrible in person and great in bed.  I haven’t  really found that perfect combination.


Where are you located?

I’m near Sacramento, CA but I don’t meet with anyone that I chat with online.

Do you cam or phone chat?

I’ve had to endure 2 restraining orders from weirdos and don’t care for anymore.  I used to cam (once in a while) and phone (with people I thought I could trust) but those just led to more problems. So you’ll understand if I politely decline those offers.

I already have plenty of friends that I share my real life  and these two worlds will never collide.

So, you’re Supergirl huh?

I’m not into comics and I don’t know about SuperGirl the comic book character.  I got the nickname from grade school and have had it throughout my life since.  I was always athletic and I was in gymnastics, volleyball, tennis, and track… so I suppose people thought I was super, especially since my real name is Kara and I have blonde hair and blue eyes.

Great stories, did you write them all?

The posts on this blog aren’t all stories per-se, some are actual chats that I have with people on Yahoo messenger or other chat places with their names changed for privacy. The other posts are confessions that are written by me. If you like these and you would like to play some time, you can add me on yahoo: suprgrrlkara80 or let me know if you see me in a chatroom.

I want to play with you, when can I find you online?

I’m typically not online during business hours, but once in a while I’ll pop online from work using my phone or tablet. Lately I’ve been in the Literotica.com chatrooms, but to be specific – I don’t know, it depends on how slow things are here in the office.

What are you into? What turns you on?

Reading my blog posts to find out is easier than having me answer a hundred questions and less annoying too.  When I’m online, I love going from a position of power to being a reluctant, but complicit partner. The embarrassment or humiliation from going from a position of power and control to suddenly not having any is my rush. I think it’s the juxtaposition of it all that gets to me.

I also like to give as much as I get and I think that lets us have options.  When it comes to giving oral, some people like that first, but I like to use that at the end as a punctuation mark because something about walking away with someones cum anywhere on me at the end is the perfect way for me to continue to feel dirty long after things are finished.

What’s your type?

I’d say someone confident but not confused with arrogance. If you’re direct with me and tell me what you want, things move along quicker. Otherwise, I have literally talked over an hour about the weather with those that aren’t sure of themselves.

Anyway, I think that covers the major things for now.  I’ll add more as it comes up.

If you want to chat, I’m on yahoo as suprgrrlkara80.  You can add me and just let me know you’ve seen my blog so I know who you are. suprgrrlkara80@yahoo.com

xoxo – Kara.

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